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April 30 & May 1, 2022


Cumberland Valley Corvette Club will hold a driving school on April 30 & May 1, 2022 at the Pocono Raceway - North Course. This will be a non-competition event with emphasis on learning to drive your car on a high-speed racecourse. The students will be in groups of 15 to 20 cars according to their skill levels to avoid more advanced drivers running up on drivers just beginning. Cars will be grouped as follows:

            STUDENT - Little or no experience.

            INTERMEDIATE – Previous track time.                                                 

            ADVANCED - Extensive school time or competition license.

       An instructor may not be assigned to the Intermediate and Advanced groups since they are intended for track time. However, there will be a limited number of instructors made available, if requested for a ride along. It is the student responsibility to connect with an instructor.

       The instructor shall be the person who decides when a student is ready to solo. If any student who has been signed off wants an instructor to ride with them for further help an instructor should be available.

       Any time there are two people in a car, one MUST be an instructor.

       All STUDENTS will have a mandatory classroom session prior to entering the track.        

       A roll bar is required for open cars. Any clip-on hardtop for open cars is not considered roll over protection.  One-piece targa tops or ‘T’ tops are considered roll protection.


Entry Fees include both days:

            STUDENTS (with instructor) - $350                   

            INTERMEDIATE - $325

            ADVANCED - $300                            


Spaces will be limited, so send your entry in early. When we receive your completed form and entry fee, you will be sent a schedule, motel information, pre-tech form, maps and other useful information. If you give an e-mail address we can confirm your entry right away. All other information will be sent USPS at a later date.

Refund Policy, Full refund if requested before March 15, 2022. 50% till April 1


 Note: Snell approved helmet 10 years old or newer and mounted onboard fire extinguisher minimum 5BC rating with metal bracket and metal to metal clamp are required by NCCC insurance to run in the school.


         For further information call Dave Walter at (717) 691-9320.   Before 9 PM. please,

or e-mail to:  







  • You will be on the track with 15 to 20 other cars. 

  • Drivers will be grouped according to their driving skill level. If you feel you should be in another group we will try to move you.         

  • Passing will be allowed in designated areas only. The driver being overtaken must signal the car behind that it is ok to pass.


  • As a student you will be shown the proper and safe driving line. This is a safe and legal way to enjoy your high performance car.


  • We will try to have five, 20 minute sessions for each group per day.


  • You will be called into the pits if your driving is unacceptable.


  • Yellow flag laps on foggy, damp Pocono mornings.


*Have fun and learn more about the limits of your car and yourself.*





  • Driving in a short sleeve shirt, short pants, or open shoes.


  • Running a car that will not pass tech inspection or leaks fluid.


  • Racing or mock racing with any other cars on the course.


  • Being taught how to race or pushed beyond your limit.


  • Passing in corners or any other non-designated area.


  • Following too close for an extended period of time.


  • Blocking or not allowing faster drivers to pass.


  • Ignoring flag signals or instructions from course workers.


  •  Excessive speed or wheel spinning in the pits or garage area


  •  Any reckless, unsafe or other unacceptable driving practices.

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